Logos and Branding
A variety of standout word marks, symbols and more. 
Fusion Arts Warehouse - an arts collective in the heart of philadelphia.
SVA Computer Art - 2011 reel logo
Nolan - a 1980's rebirth clothing store
Cleo of AX - Day of the Dead Party
Healthy Families Brooklyn - educates people about health and wellness in Brooklyn NYC
Nahi - A line of luxury Native American hand made goods
S&A wedding - logo for a clients wedding
Write Font - A resume tailoring service
SVA Computer Art - 2012 reel logo
Zeus - A line of wearable tech 
Y'barb - Cajun Restaurant
Lexia - A dyslexia suport web page
Ample - A line of goods.
Dinner Direct - A dinner drop off service
Queen Honey -  A local Massachusetts honey brand
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