After many weeks of work and several failed attempts I have completed my rainforst guitar project. The Assignment was given in Kevin O'Callaghan class 3d Product realty. We were given a guitar and told we had to redesign it for a charaty. Given my propensity to help indiginious peoples I picked the rain forest. After much labor this is the result, an all natural living, growing guitar. The only synthetic parts of this peace are what came with the guitar and some glue. I hope you enjoy it.

Mission statement: More and more of the rain frost is cut down each day to make way for “progress”. It is vitally important for the environment and the indigenous peoples who live in these areas to save what is left.  I hope to raise awareness of this issue by creating a terrarium guitar, presenting the wonder and beauty that a rain forest can bring.  By showing what we have, I hope to show want we can lose.
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