The City of Boston is busy building a government that works now and in the future, and we need your help. That's the message behind our recent "Now Hiring" campaign. We're less focused on open positions, and more focused on personality types that fit.

We ignored the typical messaging around jobs and got to the point. It doesn't matter what the title is, we need workers who are passionate about what they do. Are you a "pothole hater"? Great, we need you. Do you consider yourself a "helpful human"? We want more people like you at the City.

To be even more blunt, we need people who know how to get s*** done at the City. We wanted that to come across in our simple and direct "Now Hiring" campaign.

The career campaign launched on Monday, May 8th.

FACEBOOK: (campaign content vs all content weekly average)
Average reach per post: 36,142 people (all content averaged 14,294 people reached)—153% increase. Average Impressions per post: 63,368 impressions (all content averaged 23,723 impressions)—167% increase. Engaged Users per post: 2,443 (all content averaged 642 engaged users per post)—280% increase. Video posts had a 46% increase from last year at the same time.

TWITTER:  (campaign content vs all content weekly average)
In the 10 days since launch, the City of Boston has posted 8 times about the campaign on Twitter. Average impressions per tweet: 10,588 (all content averaged 9,101 impressions per tweet)—a 16% increase. Average engagement per post (RT, click, fav, reply): 290 engagements (all content averaged 183 engagements per tweet)—a 58.4% increase.

We sent an email to the 83,000 person City of Boston email list. This email saw a 36.6% open rate (the list average is 29%) It had a clickthrough rate of 9.8% (the list average is 4.4%).  This was the 2nd most opened email we have ever sent to the
City of Boston email list and the achieved the highest click through rate ever (the second highest click through rate was 8.4% from the Snow Prep email in November 2015).
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